When it comes to growing your business, it all starts with developing a strong and memorable brand identity. Detour helps establish brands through custom logo design and full-service branding solutions to take your brand to the next level. By researching your company & collaborating with your business, our creative designers will handcraft your logo into the right identity to represent your business.

Timeless Construction

Hand created typography

Hand generated typography gives your brand a unique trait that other companies lack. Your logo design is the face of your company and should be a memorable, high-impact visual representation of what you offer. Whether it’s more vintage or modern, Detour can help bring your vision to life.

Wool & Co


If you're looking for more of an elegant look, calligraphy is an option for your brand. Detour can identify your personal taste and preferences to create something rememberable. When creating your logo, our team takes an in-depth understanding of the brand you need to connect to your audience.

Zilch Plumbing


Wanting a more illustrated look for your logo? Detour can create a visual identity for your company. When working with illustration, our team will start with a collaborative brainstorm session, then individually produce several sketches. Sketches are then digitalized into the computer for its final process.

Envelopes Only

Pictorial Mark

A pictorial mark, sometimes called a brand mark or an icon, can be beneficial for your brand. By establishing a strong image associated with your company, your customers or clients know your brand just by a glance. First impressions of your company are everything. Good design catches the eye. Great design motivates, but successful designs make you memorable.