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Looking for a change in direction? At Detour Graphic Design we’re obsessed with your success. But we understand that achieving the end result is not always a straight shot. Sometimes you have to deviate from the norm and here we do just that! We create powerful messages by thinking in new and creative ways and we let our work speak for itself. The end result is innovative and effective, without losing sight of your bottom line. Get unstuck from the routine and come take the scenic route with us.

Detour Graphic Design Inc
The Purpose

Detour Graphic Design & New Media Inc. is a graphic design and photography studio headquartered in St. Charles, IL. We’ve been quietly earning a reputation for excellence since opening our doors in 1998. Our specialty is advertising, identity, packaging, print collateral and product/lifestyle photography.

Detour Graphic Design Inc
The Environment

At Detour Graphic Design we place absolute value on both creativity and originality. We believe that the right environment fosters creativity and outstanding design. So how do we separate ourselves from the pack? We hired world-renowned architect Keith Youngquist, of Dacre & Youngquist, to design our office. We promise just as much time and attention to detail in our work as we do our creative environment. We invite you to come check out both!

Detour Graphic Design Inc
The Results

• Community Development Award - Office Design
• Emerging Media Innovator - Web Design
• Summit International Award - Identity
• Marketing Effectiveness Award - Overall Branding
• Summit International Award – Advertising
These are just some of our recent awards. Our goal is to continue to provide superior, award winning quality work for our clients…which will make for a larger trophy case in our office!


Impactful and Award Winning

Design Services

that stand out from the competition.

Detour Graphic Design Inc Astellas

Do you like flipping through beautiful, high-gloss, textured brochures of advertising companies that seem way cooler than yours? Didn’t think so. Your products are better than theirs, your employees are better than theirs, and, hey, your products are of higher quality! So why aren’t you advertising the way your company deserves? Change things up and give us a call. We will work with you to create unique marketing pieces exclusive to both your industry and businesses’ needs.

Detour Inc. photography

Photography is a critical aspect of successful marketing pieces, because, lets face it, you don’t read about beautiful design you see it. When it comes to photographing your products/business you could cut corners and hire someone with a DSLR and one semester of Photo 101 under their organic, fair-trade belt. Or you could call our team of expert photographers, retouchers and prepress professionals to capture everything from single-product to dynamic advertising shots and everything in between. Our photographers know a picture is worth 1,000 words; what will yours say?

Detour Inc Olcott Plastics

Are you projecting the right image with your current brand and identity? Even if you haven’t fully fleshed it out, your brand is out there, right now, sending a message to potential clients/customers. In order to deliver a quality message, with a long-lasting impression, you have to utilize marketing materials people will associate with your products and services. Our design process implements research and refinement in order to achieve award-winning campaigns that are highly regarded by both our clients and peers.

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The Heart of Detour

Founder and Creative Director, David Enger, is no doubt the backbone of Detour. His unmatched ability to create under pressure and tireless work ethic are what helps separate us from the competition. Having over 20 years experience, a list of awards and numerous successful campaigns, you cannot be in better hands. David Enger

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